Flexible Short Term Learner Driver Insurance

Under the Road Traffic Act it’s a legal requirement that any person driving a car on a public highway including learners, must be insured to drive the vehicle they are in charge of.

Being able to gain valuable practice time to hone your driving skills may be difficult, the main problem being getting access to a car other than a driving schools'. Unfortunately most people associate allowing a learner to drive their car with additional premium costs and exposing any hard earned No Claims Bonus.

These issues have been addressed with the development of learner driver insurance - an insurance policy that protects the car owners No Claims Bonus and allows the learner to have access to cars other than a driving schools'.

Covered Learner Driver is a fully comprehensive policy in the name of the learner driver. Should the learner be involved in an accident while they are in control of the car they are being supervised in, it is the learner driver policy that is called on, this protects any No Claims Bonus as the policy operates separately to any existing motor policy on the vehicle.

The vehicle** named on the learner driver policy documents must be insured elsewhere by the registered keeper.

There is a choice of £250 or £500 excess on the learner driver policy, this is lower than a traditional motor policy and some learner policies contain a £750 excess; £250 standard excess and £500 compolsory excess. Typically it costs circa £900 for learners to be added onto a standard motor insurance policy. (Information collected in Jan 2016).

Some benefits of a Covered Learner Driver policy are as follows. We do suggest you look at the policy information document and the policy wording to make sure that the policy meets your needs, these documents can be found here.

  • The price is fixed, regardless of your postcode. * (Some providers advertise low premiums and then penalise you on your postcode)
  • The price is fixed, regardless of your age. (Some policies have age restrictions)
  • The policy covers the learner driver in the insured car whilst driving under the supervision of someone who holds a current full UK/EU/EEA Driving Licence, over 25 years of age and held a full UK/EU/EEA Driving Licence for a minimum of 3 years and has been a resident in the United Kingdom for a minimum of 2 years or a current qualified Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) Examiner or current DVSA registered qualified Approved or Potential Driving Instructor (ADI/PDI).
  • Covered Learner Driver insurance offers 5 different policy terms, from £1.62 per day (based on a 5 month policy) and can be renewed as many times as required.
  • The policy protects the car owners no claims bonus and removes the expense of having to add additional young learner drivers to a car owner's main policy.
  • The policy covers vehicles up to and including Group 29 (1-50 grouping) and valued at less than £20,000.

*some postcodes are excluded
**The vehicle named on the policy documents must be insured elsewhere by the registered keeper, our policy operates separately to any existing motor policy.

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Insurance Product Information Document

Information Document for the Covered Learner Insurance policy.


Policy Wording

Policy wording for the Covered Learner Insurance policy.

For policies starting prior to 1/1/2022

For policies starting on or after 1/1/2022